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When fast forwarding a small 500 years, we see our Cyber Fiction world has exponentially grown into a Megaverse. StarArena® has become the largest Interstellar Tournament in cyber space and a Warriors paradise with legendary Battle Fields and Sims. Status Quo: Para Bellum!

All collective Arenas _surrounding the Cyber Citadel_ have become widely known as: The Arcade! A world predominantly populated by Military Clones commanded by a Stratocracy; Wherein the Citizens (Registered Users) see themselves as Arcadeans. Motto: Semper Paratus!

We jump into the story when; The Arcade is Under Siege and Legions of Demons are gathering at the gates. For those who want to know why? It seems to be a… Grand Gesture of Cosmic Irony; Those who have chosen the Eternal Life option, become Prey to the Soul Suckers.


For those who know not; The Circuits encircling the Galactic Core are host to the Battle Leagues for candidate Gladiators. Those entering from the Outer Rim are most likely New Operators/ Combatants and closest to ‘The Core’ are Veteran Fighters.

The Battle Zones in the Megaverse differ from the Galactic Core; Areas in the Circuits are characterized as Arcade Maps. Whereas; The Cyber Citadel _Mini & Meta_ are Arena Maps.

In short: Arcade battles are decided by Minis and Arena battles are decided with Cards.


Inside The War Room

The product shot above shows a Scroll Map from Arcade Adventures to give an impression of Size and Scale. The Arcade of 2520 with all its Battle Grounds holds the potential for; Biggest Game Board World Record. For practical reasons it would have to be produced in Puzzle Pieces and played in partitions, containing Campaigns & Missions. Now ask; How Big Is It?

The Arcade1:1Ø 46208 mm1676 M21.009.264

So with the almost One~Million and One~Thousand Checkered Blocks, the closest fit for size comparison is an American Football field! Yet; Spectated from within a Circular Stadium?

The point here is; That Big Ass ‘Monster Map’ Don’t Fit In My Studio! …What the War Room does have; A pull down Scale 1:20 Map used as template for plotting out Comics & Cards.


*Wadda Ya Think; …Is It Big Enough For Ya?

Generating two Game Modes to distill or digest Cyber Fiction War Stories from and convert these to Game Cards. We will have few episodes set in Ante Bellum (Before The War) contrasting the main theme: Ad Bellum. (At War) The Story Catalyst is when the ‘Quietus Law’ passes after a century of protest and Billions of Cyber Citizens simultaneously; ‘Flip The Switch!’

The scent of ‘Untethered Souls’ now lingers and awaken slumbering Demons in the deep depths of Cyber Space. Any and Everybody that used the ‘Suicide Option’ have awakened The Beasts and become The Hunted! This leads to an Demon Invasion of all the Virtual Worlds…

‘Then Cometh The Mega War of 2520!’

The Arcade is now the last of its kind and Under Siege! This is the Last Stand;
“Nowhere To Go, Nowhere To Hide, All One Can Do For Survival Is Fight.”

Get Ready To ‘Kill The Soul Sucking Bastards’ And Protect The Core!

*Warning: Will Contain Gratuitous Graphic Violence.
Suggested For Mature Readers & Players.

Mega War Game

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