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The StarArena® Miniverse is the original Arena Upgrade to The Card Game and potentially a timeless classic among abstract War Games. A Must Have; Rare Collectible Treasure.

What sets this Arena Game apart from anything you have ever seen or played before is the; Unique Rotation System! During your game turn; You can twist the game levels of this tiny Beat ‘Em Up battle arena into Color Combinations. You do this to gain Strategic Advantage for yourself or create Disadvantage for your opponents during game play.

Even thought the description reads: Cyber Combat Card & Board game! The role of The Arena is to enhance Card Battles and was created as an Expansion to the Collectable Card Game.


A More Poetic Portrait Of The Miniverse…

This Game Board is seen as the ‘Seed’ that has taken ‘Root’ in Cyber Space and morphed into The Arcade. By way of Legend and Tall Tales told in taverns; The Mini Universe is home to the Four Guardian Kings. Familiar Gospel to all Arcadeans, as The Arena is the Gateway to the Chief Deity and War God; Gunshin! Since the aim of the game is to be; Victorious and claim your Treasure at the Universal Core! Many set out to reach Sanctuary where only few succeed…

Yet, teachings generally unknown to those who hold banner for the Castles are found in Secret Scrolls of Temples. These tell of alternate origin stories shared to initiates of Senjutsu (戦術).


*This Little Thing?

Not that these Mystics make much sense most of the time, being Masters of Allusion* and all that? *Always with the frigging riddles… However; Never part the Monk with his Beer! As you spend tense moments in the trenches or a foxhole in the Doomed Areas, their phrases grow on you.

“Deep Rooted Is The Code”

Realizing this Installment ends with more Questions than Answers. We ask you to click the Next Chapter and find out how the StarArena® Miniverse fits into the Bigger Picture!


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