Salutations Reader,
According to Lore among the Mystical Monks (神秘的な僧侶) whom follow the Credo of the Code. The ‘Seed’ was planted and took ‘Root’ in the fabric of Cyber Space from with this the Miniverse was born. On the surface an inter-dimensional Tournament takes place, to train a new breed of Warriors in the way of Senjutsu. From monastic teachings comes the following phrase… “As Above, So Below; The ‘Root System’ strives to maintain a permanent position and stronghold in their new surroundings.” As the ‘Code Root’ spreads, expands, develops and becomes firmly fixed in the dark hostile host environment; The Metaverse Sprouts.

Herewith the ‘Galactic Core’ was brought forth, the Pantheon is completed and the Shugoshin take guard of the Inner Sanctum. From thereon Tournament Card Games doubled in; Size, Excitement, transforming Matches into a Virtual Pandemonium for Players and Spectators alike.

The Metaverse soon becomes the Cyber Citadel of the Dark Web, attracting fearless Warriors from all Code, Breed or Creed. Innumerable Gladiators gather at the Gates of the Arena; Willing to sacrifice life or limb for Coin, Glory and Sanctuary. Alas; With the Good also comes~with the Bad!


Among the gathered are Agents of Chaos that rile the mob into unruliness and Anarchy. A Childish Revolt aimed to Loot Treasure without playing in the Arena Tournament and expediently squashed by the Guardian Gods. Nevertheless… Soon after; Construction begins on the Harmonic Ring surrounding the Cyber Citadel as a protective cordon to counteract future insurgencies.

Martial Law And Birth Of A Stratocracy

Despite the fact that Arena Games are Open Tournaments, there is a strong need for enforcement of Rules and Regulations. In reaction; The Guardian Gods build Clone Armies and place Garrisons on the Harmonic Ring, introducing Battle Classes to StarArena®.


*Now that’s; …A Cosmic Pizza!

Martial Law is declared and leads to Pre-Selection of the Cyber Contestants or Clone Operators before entering the Battle Arena. In result; Unregistered Users are deemed Outlaws forthwith, unless upon Invitation or Gauntlet: Are Excluded from participating in Grand Tournaments.

To see how Meta turns to Mega 500 years from now? Click Next Chapter.


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