Salutations Reader,
For those who know not; My Hobby is primarily financed with carpentry. But ‘these days’ appear to come to an abrupt end. This due to the fact that over the years I have developed a Chronic Injury which lately has reached an alarming level and is cause for distress. Which has now become:

The Ordeal.

What You See Above Is A Nerve Impingement…

In hindsight, the symptoms first appeared in my mid thirties. Although, it is hard to tell one injury apart from the other. All sports back then were ‘full contact’ and workdays mostly ten to twelve hours to avoid sitting in traffic jams. But that sore spot in my underarm always stood out. Physiotherapy made it go away, for a while… Until it reemerged and a new cycle would begin. Till late one day in April of 2009, while working with solid oak a pain shot into my wrist and my left arm started to malfunction. Calling it a day and figure I would finish the task the next; Turned into a one year dark period!”

Within days the domino effect set in motion, caused complete failure of movement in both arms, accompanied by excruciating pain, rendered me unfit for duties. The physicians chalked it up to: Overexertion, take some pills and don’t work for a while… When you do; Maintain less hours.

Other than that; There was not much I could take home and it always remained a Medical Mystery?


New Genesis At Age Forty…

So one year later, next April, after a period of deep bedridden meditation; “Things needed to change!” Slowly picking up woodwork again, the road of rehabilitation also begins and I trade the Hard for Soft Martial Arts which helped me in the process of recovery. All be it that certain grip strengths are diminished or lost forever. Besides that, it became painfully clear that your humble narrator was living a skewed life dominated by the physical.

To regain a certain degree of equilibrium, I reopened my ‘Black Books’ and rekindle an old flame by putting pencil to paper again. My first page in ages was me reaching out to my Code Master that would lead to the recreation of the StarArena.Card Factory and the !!FREE!! Online Booster Pack.

In short, The last ten years have been spent preparing for a day that would inevitably appear;
“Sooner Than Expected, What Comes After Carpentry?”

Back To The Ordeal At Hand…

As you can see in the pages above, in the middle of 2021 the Chronic-Carpentry-Injury returned with a Vengeance and No Mercy! The demon causing me grief for many years has finally been found and named as being: Supinator Syndrome. A visit to an Neurologist has been arranged and I seriously hope I can avoid the surgical procedure you see above. As things stand at this moment in time, I seriously doubt if I will be able to return to work as a Wood Smith? Looks like I am about to face the biggest Life or Death crisis yet…

“Darkness Brings To Light What Heavenly Judgement Has Decided”.

Lets hope your Hero can overcome this Ordeal and regain his dexterity to draw again?
But know this; He’d Sooner Die Trying Than Give Up!

Whois the #GunShin? #軍神?

*Read the later written and better informed article here.

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