Salutations Reader, Bring Your Own Bullets And Beer!!
For lack of a better description this is the ‘Count Down’ to Comics And Cards! The problem with being a ‘One Man Factory’ is when something unforeseen happens; The production process grinds to a halt. Lately it has become clear that sitting behind a screen and keyboard is not beneficial to my post covid predicament. To avoid nerve sensations in my arms from punching plastic and a wide array of shortcuts; I go walking Every Other Hour. Which seriously cuts the workday and progress in half! Yet, if I cheat and slide back into the old ways and work longer hours; The Price To Pay Is Pain!

This website is created with the intent to build an online Compendium on the game universe and its inhabitants. But with my screen time limited and in an attempt to de clutter my studio space from To Do notes, here comes the digital version, right after this last announcement. Never ever am I able to start new projects when older ones remain unfinished. The list below I need to complete in regards to Story Design before I can comfortably sit to draw Comics And Cards.

Let the Count Down begin! One Article at a time… Working from left to right in the menu.

About | Gear | Rules | Minis | Gods | Toys | …Comics!! | GENERAL | ARTWORK


• Write: Ultra Toys_Intro

• Write: Series A_Intro
• Write: Series B_Intro


• Write: Shugoshin_Intro
• Write: 8 x Guardian Gods description. (Combine with Coin Activation in Shop!!

• Write: Shi Tenno_Intro
• Write: 4 x Game Kings description.

• Write: Oyagami_Intro
• Write: 2 x Ancestors description.

• Write: Gunshin_Intro


• Write: Base Set_Intro
• Write: NPC_Intro
• Finish: Assassins Description
• Write/Finish: Coins_Intro

• Write: 1 x Core Coin description (base game coin!)
• Write: 8 x Coins descriptions (Combine with Shugoshin + Shop Activation!!

• Write: Shrines_Intro
• Write: Servers_Intro


Add>> Modem-Rules + Header
• Write: SW_Mods!!


• Finish And Extend: Mega War Game
• Delete: War Baton in Gear?


• Update: The Arcade


• Remove/Replace ‘INSERT-COINS’ Foot Note (Make reusable block)
• Restructure: Patreon Menu (Make distinction between Actual/Topical & Encyclopedic.


• Last Adjustments to Mega-War-Map> Save + Make Sliders!
• BUY-ART-IN-SHOP (Animated GIF for in sidebar!)

Like I Said;
A One Man Factory;
“Bring Your Own Bullets And Beer!”
This may take a while…

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