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Salutations, something different for a change and to do this properly I feel the need to go back, way back. If I am considered the Father of the Atomic Baby Clones, the title of Grand Father goes to Mark Shape. For he _a mentor_ helped me ‘prepare for print’ my first publication in 1991 and debut into the public domain. Having no formal training or education, since all I cared about as a teenage tagger was Beer, Bombing & Reading Comics. All basic graphic skills and studio craft I mostly picked up while hanging out with Mark & Shoe. Jumping ahead 38 years from when we first met; Ye Olde Art Director still keeps tabs on me and visits from time to time. On his last tour to the War Room he brought with a Must Read Book: LIFE 3.0

The Construct

LIFE 3.0: Being Human In The Age Of Artificial Intelligence is an invite to join the discussion on the matter. For me _on this website_ it serves as sounding board to bounce off my personal ideas _collected over the years. That is, in regards to a certain degree of validity to the Story Design currently in creation for Comics & Cards.

Reading a hardcore rationalist pose the question; How Do You Want The World To Look Like When AI Arrives? Sets things into perspective and allows me to step back and take stock of my story inventory till this far… To start the process I will zoom out and re-frame the fundamentals.

The genre I claim to write in is Cyber Fiction. The setting is in Cyber Space, or if it makes you more comfortable; A Virtual World. The year is 2520 and planet Earth is on its ‘Last Breath!’ Since ‘Humans Suck’ because their wasteful consumerism and need for short term gratification is atrocious and causes expedient planetary suicide.

So, 500 years from now I envision that thing called ‘Internet’ to be a Cosmic Ocean of (Competing) Computer Networks. Something that has exponentially grown into Universal proportions and sheds its ancient moniker and is simply called Cyber Space.

Presented as bubblegum pop scientific fact: Websites are like Stars, LAN’s can be the size of a Planet. And ultimately an AI controlled network can be equated with a Galaxy. In short we have:

  • Outer Space:
    The physical universe beyond the earth’s atmosphere.
  • Cyber Space:
    The meta numerical universe equal in size and mysteries.

The Build Up

The ‘one’ needs a Rocket to reach locations in the beyond and the other a ‘Modem’. We do say that Space Travel in the physical universe is possible and other Planets have been colonized. Simply put; Rockets are for Rich Kids _The Few_ and Modems for the Economically Challenged _The Many_ left behind. Yet, five centuries down the time line, both space journeys are done ‘Computational’ and the only remaining question is; Coins? Arriving at your destination; Can you afford slipping into a Bio Clone or do you remain in the Digital Domain?

Humans still inhabit Earth _or what is left of it_ and we further don’t mention it much; Because It Sucks! The stories take place in the StarArena® and you leave your shit behind the moment you dial in with your modem. Which by this time can be from any Node connected to the universal network and explains the copious Character types.

The is what is known as an Arcade, an entertainment center that caters to the Warrior Archetype. Many such other Arcades exist in Cyber Space that fulfill the needs of the meek minded down to the sick and depraved. All offering unique experiences for their visitors, ranging from rudimentary emotional needs to near edge breaking laws of physics roller coasters. All kinds of stuff we _Gladiators in The Arena_ don’t give a fuck about any which way to Sunday!


This ever expanding Battle Galaxy is run by a God, because that’s what an Artificial Intelligence becomes in the future. The third and technological stage (Life 3.0) is characterized by being able to ‘Design’ its own Hardware & Software. Something The Gunshin _Chief Deity of the StarArena®_ has achieved a long time ago with the Atomic Baby Clones. Also known as Gods Vicious Babies, its progeny and protectors that ‘take no shit from anything’ while protecting the core!

The turnkey event or story catalyst is when ‘billions’ simultaneously ‘flip the switch’ and awaken evil forces within the dark matter of cyber space. All those opting for eternal life as (legal) Uploads via the euthanasia act have become dinner for dormant digital demons. First the smaller experience hubs and entertainment centers fall for lack of defensive skills, because Demons cant be reasoned with. Meanwhile the StarArena® Soldiers drive the malefic Soul Sucking Bastards from their dominion with martial might and fortify their position.

When the Great Arcades tumble, Demon Legions turn their focus to the StarArena® and lay siege and prepare for Invasion. The Last Battle Royale will unleash at nightfall, with the final extinction of Man, Machine or Monster at stake. Who will be left standing; The Akuma or Arcadeans!?


If memory serves me right; The First Publication of the Atomic Baby Clones had them catalogued for Off World Assault. A term borrowed from Blade Runner Replicants… Ever since, my main drive is aimed at Military Science Fiction and has always been a hard sell in collaborations.

But where else do you get unlimited access to Big Fucking Guns? Anyways, as this has been my Hobby project for the last decade; I’ll draw whatever the fuck I feel like. As such, some ‘Kung Fu’ is added into the mix with Monks joining the Soldiers in Battle for good measure. Alongside some crafty Outlaws, Mercenaries, Bounty Hunters and Privateers to spice up the rebellious need for Anti Heroes among readers.

This whole cast in All Out Mega War against Legions of Extremely Super Villainous Demons!
“What the Hell could go wrong and how is this ‘Not’ going to be Fun?”


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