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In the year 2020 I amended my short bio description to: PJay ‘BabyAngel’ Frith is creating the Star Arena, A Cyber Fiction Game System and Collectible Mega Toys, For All Rages! With the emphasis on Game System, which before was but merely a Card & Board Game. This due to production of game accessories and expansions that made their way to the tabletop and enriched the game play in a massive way! The biggest game changer is most likely the addition of the new Game Coins to the Star Arena Arsenal. Thus far you have only seen the tip of the iceberg of Coin Up actions with only three coins! Before diving deeper into game development and flesh out the bare bones… We First Post The: Coin Combo Index.

In the web animation above you can see the Cyclic Sequence used to make the tables below. The entire common wealth of The Arcade is divided into Octants, giving you 8 Game Decks to choose from and play with. Each Domain has their own Coin and Color. Yellow (The Core) is in fact a Non Player Color and not a Game Deck you can battle with. Even so, when it comes down to coins; Yellow is used as a Unified Coin or Currency known as Star Coins.

The Magic Number of Star Arena Games is Eight, but we must also count The Core, therefor we count: 8 + 1. But since we cannot leave out: 0, Star Arena uses Base 10. If you want to get philosophical about it; As a Cadet you start out a Zero, if you Master All 8 Codes and Maximize Your Core? You Become A Hero!

The Coin Combo Index


In the interest of a clear overview, the Yellow Star Coin is placed in position one. As it is first introduced to the Star Arena gaming community. This Unified Coin is easy to learn the upgraded game, sets the scene for new adventures and replaces the old copper coins we used to play with. This unique design is essentially the Star Arena Logo in minted form, made to be stack able and capped at three. Below is a list of all possible combinations that can be made with these 9 Base Coins.

Future Coin Combinations

This article is an extended index for quick reference and does not elaborate on possible applications in future publications or productions. A final reminder of their in game purpose; Coin Ups Improve Your Battle Moves! What can I say; Stick around to follow further game development…

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