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In this article we take a step forward into the game development of future Coin Combo Sets. For the past few years we have been play testing with the basic Star Coins and soon discovered there is a galaxy of potential to explore and mine for more. There are 820 combinations possible with the 9 coins shown below, and that might not look like an astronomical number? But have a look what you can do with just the three yellow coins: 0, +1, +2, +3 on All 10 of the Battle Classes.

These three Star Coin combinations are known as the Base Set. Prompting the signature moves of the game pieces in play when used as *Coin Ups!* The base set is the Default Setting of all game pieces and what Cadets first learn. Once they progress and yearn for more moves, players can advance to the next level and unlock new actions by adding 8 more collectible game coins to their war chest .

According to lore all powers in the The Arcade are Gifts from the Game Gods! There are 8 presiding Guardian Gods that each command a Color and Code Root. At some point we will introduce Coin Activated cards. Smart as you are: You have figured out it stands to reason these will depict the Coin Combo needed to activate the Action shown on the card?



In the column on the left we see the Base Set that represents The Core of The Arcade. The other eight surround this Nexus and; Protect The Core! The Nexus connects and combines the forces in The Arcade. With that said, these 8 unmixed Colors and Coin Combos will appear on some powerful game cards! So; …Be sure to keep an eye out for these pure and unadulterated power packed game upgrades!


When we filter out all 2 + 1 Coin Combos, we get the above tables. Because of their recognizable patterns, they are relatively easy to store to memory. Categorized into three formations, firstly; The Cherry On Top (Combo: XXO) followed by the middle Hamburger (Combo: XOX) and way down, the Bottom Line (Combo: OXX). If we do the math: There are 244 relatively easy memorize able Coin Combos. Leaving 576 sets that look like scrambled eggs? Well, …except if you live in Holland;

“The Coin Combo used in the Header might give you fuzzy feelings?”

Once more, I am not here to divulge sensitive information pertaining to future publications and this article serves as a quick reference guide for further game development. What I can tell you;

Stick Around! For There Is Much More In Store!!”
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Editors note: This article continues from Coin Combo Index

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