Below are ‘Pre-Production_Proto-Types’ that I have developed over the years for a Battle-Game I envisioned on making, dating back to the last decade in the previous century. The term ‘Pre-Production’ is there to indicate the desire to one~day see these products on display in Toy & Game stores worldwide and on the Table-Tops of Game~Gatherings between Friends, Foes and/or Family. The term ‘Proto-Type’ is there to point-out that each of these products are Designed, Fabricated & Assembled by the holder of this Creator-Owned-Project and can be seen as ‘Works-of-Art’. Much like a limited-edition signed-silkscreen by an artist in a gallery; Only Better!

For I prefer to see myself as an Artisan and put in the work, so that you can actually Play-A-Game with this; Collectable-Artwork! I know; “Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder”.  So I will leave it up to you to judge for yourselves, hope you like.

I looked it up; Far from a world-record as the biggest Game-Board in existence, but much larger than your regular Table-Top-Game!  Before I proceed, let me provide some context; I claim that this project is 30 Years in the making, which is not untrue… Just not continuously day-in, day-out. There has also been a period where the game remained untouched for years. When I dusted off the Game-Documents and Manuals that remained unfinished, significant things had changed in my life; Back when I stuffed everything in boxes, the workweek was still part of an never-ending weekend and the golden-elixir of a genuine BBoy, flowed richly and fueled this eternal youth.

Ten years into the new millennium when I actually had to blow the dust of the Early-Editions that I unboxed; I was a father, faced mortality and drinking buckets o’ beer had become a waste of my time. In short: Interests and belief systems had changed or become more refined and I found the old documents to be messy and decided that; If I was to continue work on StarArena, the whole project needed to be rebuilt from the ground up!

This turnover event took place during the Easter weekend of 2010. So everything on this screen has been in the making for the past 10 years and is based on earlier work that dates back to TheCardGame (TCG) in development since 1995 and TheArenaGame (TAG) that established its foundation in 1997, all be it completely; Renovated and/or Overhauled.

The MetaVerse_Game-Map counts 9 Rotating-Levels that pivot around a custom engineered game-axle dubbed the King-Pinn. It is an Expansion to the Game-Map below, contains 421 Game-Position_Magnets, Houses 8 Arcadean-Armies that hold Banner and Battle for the 8 Guardian Game-Gods. It’s outer dimensions span Ø 110 Centimeters wide. It consist out of 3 Main-Components: The Table and/or Wall-Mount, the MetaVerse and the StarArena. Fully equipped with the complete Game-Arsenal, the production-costs run in the thousands. Therefore it remains a single production and serves as a Mother-Board for Game-Development and further Story-Design.

See The Making-Of: MetaVerse_2016 On

This is the ‘Flag-Ship’ of all Maps and where the brand name StarArena came from, according to lore this Gameboard depicts the center of the ever expanding MetaVerse and is the Cyber-Citadel of this Virtual-World. This is where I took the step towards exploring how to get these Game-Units into production. There are 44 Black-Editions made in these series and what needs to be pointed out: None Of These Table-Top-Treasures Are Identical!  This due to the fact that I used the Adhesive-Graphics to Fine-Tune The Design Each Time In Batches of 4 Exclusive Game-Units. There is a Wide-Range of Visual-Variation between Proto-Type #001 and #044! These Graphic-Adjustments mainly focused on getting the Color-Pallette in balance, getting the Typography as legible as possible and Writing & Designing the Rules-Of-Conduct (ROC) on the back of the Gameboard so they never get lost once they are unboxed after purchase!

So this Collectable & Playable Artwork is way better than the example given above about a limited-edition silkscreen in a gallery, for these Game-Units are Guaranteed Not-Identical Reproductions of Each~Other! You would not only acquire a piece of Game-History but also sponsor further Game-Development if you become a Patron of StarArena for even one cycle and/or donation.

Product-Dimensions: 29 x 29 x 5 Centimeters.

About Game-Play: “Be Victorious or be Vanquished on this Strategic Multi-Levelled Rotating Tabletop Board Game! As you Battle your way to the Top to gain The Grand-Prize of Sanctuary and Take The Coins!!”

See The Making-Of: StarArena_2015 On

Still in pursuit of getting the Game-Portal produced for an affordable price, I looked into possibilities of Direct-Print _In contrast to the Hand-Stickered versions above_ and made an economic decision to order these new-batches in white material. Even though the process of production is more industrial; I did manage to maintain each Game-Unit being Unique and Un_Identical to the Next! So again; These are NOT Reproductions of One Master-Document, and remain Highly-Collectible_Evolving_Proto-Types!!

These White-Edtions were produced in Batches of One-Dozen per Print-Run, and continue count from Proto-Type #045 upto #152. The Visual-Variations between the individual White-Boards are subtle compared to the more exploritoy start-ups of the Black-Boards. Each Batch of 12 was broken down into 3 x 4 (Blue, Purple, Red and Green) ROC_Variants on the Back-Side, containing the Rules-Of-Conduct; With each a Different Game-Card on Display!  While I kept fine-tuning the overall front & back graphics that are way harder to catch if you do not have several samples in hand for comparison.

So; Same Game-Portal as above, produced for Half the Price, Only Available via Patreon!
I Created & Assembled 9 Batches, Gave One-Dozen away to Game-Testers and have 96 Limited-Editions on offer and closed production.
When it goes; Out-Of-Stock and You-Want-One? You Are Out Of Luck!

Product-Dimensions: 29 x 29 x 5 Centimeters.

See The Making-Of: StarArena_2017 On

Same story as above: Same-Game & Same-Rules!! Except for a few cosmetic details with the obvious exclusion of the ‘Display-Box!’ This ‘Non-Playable-Box-Item’ proved to be a manufacturing monster and costs as much to produce as a Playable-Gameboard, so a few of the early-batches are made available for ‘Gamers on A Budget’ and can be purchased as White-Board-Only sent you in an envelope.

Again; None of these Game-Units are Identical! But these early cross-over editions from Black to White Base-Materials have another special feature that can be found on the back of the board. While the White-Editions are printed directly on the Polyvinyl boards, the first batches made in White were done with a single-side-print, because double-sided-printing was an issue. And therefore these first few batches were printed on the face, and the back of the Holo-Port _Octogon-Base_ was Stickered the same way as in the previous Black-Editions. Making them a rarity and crazy collectable…

Product-Dimensions: 28 x 28 x 3 Centimeters.

See The Making-Of: StarArena_2017 On

These Battle-Maps started appearing after I successfully managed to get the Game_Minatures in production, according to lore; These Test-Grids are Battle-Simulations to Train and/or Test Future Clone-Operators in the Arcadean-Armies. Compared to later Maps, the grids are tiny, but help you to think strategically and set you on your way to becoming a future Clone-Commander.

From the creators point of view; The accent here is mainly on the Game_Miniatures and these game boards are a byproduct of game-development. Meaning I have no intention to produce these on a larger scale and put them up for sale. Simply because the varieties and or color-combinations possible are too large to pre-produce.

Instead I offer Custom-Made Chess-Boards to be manufactured according to personal-preferences where you pick the Color-Combinations of your likings and may extend your order from a catalog of luxury-upgrades and/or alternative-materials.
Mind you; These do not come cheap…And will set you back a couple of pretty-pennies.

Game Board-Dimensions: 29 x 29 x 0,5 Centimeters. (minimal-measurements.

See The Making-Of: ArcadeChess On

This is the Battle-Grid that I play with the Junior-Creator _My Son_ and has a complete Army-Division on each side to help get accustomed to moving the different Battle-Classes over a map. Essentially, these games help you become a better Clone-Commander!

But still I see these Game-Boards as a byproduct of game-development and have no intention to release these _unless under license. But again; I am willing to manufacture these to Custom-Order!  Keep in mind that my other~job is Carpenter and I am accustomed to manuafacturing one-off luxury products for clients and this side-venture could be a nice transition from WoodSmith to GameSmith.

Depending on how deep your pockets are and your desire for excellence is; The Game-Pieces can be printed in Gold and the Game-Board could have Royal-Oak trimmings! Beside the regular choices of Magnets or Not and what Color-Combinations you would like to have? Each order has the potential to be an Individual Work-of-Art that you can be proud of to set out on display!

Game Board-Dimensions: 29 x 29 x 1,5 Centimeters.

See The Making-Of: ArcadeChess On

To best explain the importance of this Luxury-Upgrade_Option to one of the Chess-Boards above;

You Should Quick-Scroll Through This Movie Of A Game-Of-Generals.

Put to words: If you play the 9 x 9 Arcade-Chess variant, you have 10 Different Battle-Classes _ie: Game-Pieces_ on the Battle-Grid! With the New-Advent of Game-Coins to the StarArena_Toy-Systems: You can now COIN-UP! To explain: Each Game-Piece has its own Moving-Pattern. With Each Coin-Up; You can Improve your Battle-Moves! These are like Power-Ups in Arcade-Games, simply put; The More Coins You Have Under Your Game-Piece? The Bigger and Stronger Its Range has become!!  Coin-Ups: MAX at 3 Coins…

So, you start with your Base-Move (Zero Coin) > +1 Coin-Up > +2 Coin-Up > +3 Coin-Up x 10 Battle-Classes = 40 Moves to Memorize!!

This War-Baton helps you make the correct moves during Game-Play and also Conveniently stores~away loads of Game-Coins.

See The Making-Of: ArcadeChess On

This Scroll-Map is a Useful-Tool in Game-Development and can be operated by Game-Masters to create your own Arcade-Adventures using the full-scala of StarArena_Toy-Systems! This particular Map was a try~out and serves as storyline for an upcoming Heavy-Metal-Infantry series that I plan on doing in 2021. In contrast to the Arcade-Chess_Boards above, where you play Full-Armies against each other, this Scroll-Map can be played with Multiple-Players as a Cooperative-Game against A Common-Enemy or achieve and complete a Team-Mission. 

In the picture above, only a partition of the Scroll is shown, completely unrolled and extended this Game-Map is 6 Meters in length!! Whereas a common table is ± 2 meters long. The point is: The Adventure can be divided up in Chapters or Missions. When the Mission-Targets are met and the Level-Boss has been defeated? You may take The-Prize and Enter a Next-Level! This translates to Each-Player takes their Battle-Clones to Base, If any Enemies and/or Obstacles remain on the Map, these go to the Game-Master Base and the Map is ‘Scrolled’ to the Next-Map-Sections in the Adventure. When this is done, the Game-Master sets-up New-Conditions (according to script) in the Battle-Simulator (places Enemies and/or Obstacles) and the Game can continue.

If you divide the Adventure into 4 equal chapters, you will need ± 1,5 meters of Battle-Grid space on the Table-Top. Leaving plenty of room for 2 or 3 players on each side, and 2 (Game-Master & Commander, if there is one…) at the Head & Tail of the Table. The Good~News is; These Scroll-Maps have the potential to be the most cost-effective in the range and fun to produce, I will certainly pursue this further! Unfortunately; But Not Completely Bad~News, I Do Not Have Enough Game-Cards And Need To Draw New~Ones! (Before I can release this product into the world.)

Game-Map Dimensions: 620 x 35 x 0,1 Centimeters. (Rolled-Up: ± Ø 6.6 Centimeters.)

These Place-Maps were created to help New-Bees learn to play The-Card-Game; The Proper Way! These Place-Maps also double as Command-Centers for Players when Multiple-Players are On A Mission in an Arcade-Adventure! (See Scroll-Map Above.) This Lay-Out follows an upgrade of Advanced Game-Rules_above_the Base-Rules to make Coop-Game-Play more interesting. Whereas in the Base_TCGame you have: 1 Hero-Card! When you play with a Modem: You may deploy More than One_ to a maximum of + 4 Battle-Clones (A Squad or Team) into the Battle. And the Hero-Card then takes on the role of Team-Leader.

Also, includes a New-Feature: Staging-Areas! In the Advanced-Rules you can Pre-Assemble Clones you Operate. Making it possible to switch around Battle-Classes _Game-Pieces_ you have under your command, to solve certain requirements that may arise during missions! Beware: The Areas behind the Modem can be Hacked if these are not Secured and this can result in the loss of Game-Cards!!

These are currently in Beta-Test and part of the Construction-Phase in Game-Development concerning the Arcade-Map above. But I will make them available for Early-Adopters in the hope of some External-Feed-Back. One thing is for sure; You Will Learn To Play The TCG_Game The Proper Way And Keep Your Table-Top Clean And Organized! Modem_3.0 Included.

Game-Map Dimensions: 70 x 25 x 0,1 Centimeters. (Rolled-Up: ± Ø 3.9 Centimeters.)

Note: Although it is a Strong Add-On to the Arcade-Maps, this Command-Console is initially an extension of The-Card-Game and can be played separately from any Map as a Multiplayer Card-Battler that Allows you to Switch~Around your Heroes in Play!

To be clear and upfront: You Do~Not Need This Game-Item!! You can easily play the !!FREE!! Card-Game without a Game-Modem!!
It just ‘really‘ makes the Game-Play more ‘comfortable’ and it is therefore a Luxury-Item that is optional to players who can spare some coin.

Yes, There are also advantages to playing with a Modem, such as; When playing Base-Rules your Hero-Card is placed ‘Open’ _Face-Up_ in front of you and All-Other-Players can read your ‘strength’ from the card. When you play with a Modem: The Card is placed Vertical in the Card-Slot; Facing You, like you see in the picture above… Which means your enemies see the ‘Back’ of your Hero-Card and cannot read your strength, thereby losing the ability to ‘pick’ the weakest target on the battle-grid as easily as in the card-only Base-Game.

In short, the Definition of a Game-Modem is: A Luxury-Card-Holder with a Life and Win-Counter!

Game-Modem_3.0 Dimensions: 7,4 x 5 x 1,5 Centimeters.

Modem_Version_3.0 is the golden-standard and the Model we want produced in the event of a future commercial-publication. By now you should be well aware that none of these products are mass produced and I am sorry to say; I cannot offer these Pre-Roduction_Prototypes any cheaper.

See The Making-Of: Game-Modems On

This Game-Modem is an Inbetween~Model towards the Master-Model. It still uses Dice and therefore the markings say: Lives & Level. This is because; Dice Do~Not come with a Zero ~ Five version. So we say; When you have Zero-Wins you are at Level-One!  This to adhere to lexical semantics… (A problem solved in Modem_3.0 where the Win-Wheel reads 0~5)

Why is this an issue? A Game-Rule when playing with Modems is:

The first player to reach Six-Wins gets to ‘CHANT’ out loud;

Whois the #GunShin? #軍神? #战神? #군신?” and hereby claims Victory as the War-God of that Game-Session!!

There is mechanically nothing wrong with this Modem_Version and as things stand in the world of Rapid-Prototyping; Can be offered for a reasonable price. Although it must be mentioned, the Dice will not be included in delivery, for the simple reason I refuse to buy from another vendor and not straight from the factory for items that most geeks have in multitudes at home!?

As a Product; Looks~Good and Plays~Good!
…And I am just spoiled and rather have a Modem_Version_3.0 in my pocket!

Game-Modem_2.0 Dimensions: 7 x 5 x 1,3 Centimeters. Dice-format needed is: 12 Millimeters.

See The Making-Of: Game-Modems On

The First-Version that was taken into production and the total of these modems made, amount to 640 units, consisting of 2 Print-Runs of 8 x 40 pieces. The Modem-Concept was Battle-Tested with these Proto-Types, but were taken Out-Of-Production with the arrival and improved Newer-Versions you see above. There are still 256 reserved and in stock; For Big-Daddies on Patreon. When these run-out and you-want-one; You’ll be fuck out of luck!

They might be the cheapest in the product-range, but they also need the most of my attention in getting them ready for playability… Which takes away valuable time from me Creating-New-Cards at the Drawing-Board. Even still; They _despite their smaller format_ do qualify as Collectable-Artwork and are signed by the Creator.

On A Budget?
Then This Is Your Best-Buy!

Game-Modem_1.0 Dimensions: 7 x 5 x 1 Centimeters. Dice-format needed is: 12 Millimeters.

See The Making-Of: Game-Modems On

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 3721_800.png

If you made it all the way down to the page; We finally get to the reason why I spent the past decade building this Humongous Sand-Box that you see above? All I ever wanted was: A Play-Ground for my Trademark-Characters that first took form on paper in 1990, the War-Babies that run rampant in The Arcade., known as the #AtomicBabyClones, and to others better known as #GodsViciousBabies.

It took a little longer than expected, …and I am glad to announce the time has come where I can focus on what is Most-Important:

Creating A Kick-Ass War-Game By Drawing “Comics & Cards!”

With that said, since I will soon be Dead _read; Passed the Age of Fifty_ or shipped off to an elderly home; I’d Better Get~On With It!?

The Game-Plan is:
Have Fun Drawing Comics, Convert These To Cards, Drop These Into On-Line Booster-Packs, !!FREE!! To Print_And_Play…

Which is a Really~Really Bad Business-Model?  because I give the Best~Goodies away and there is No~Income generated!  And I will only be able to work on StarArena~Inbetween~Carpentry-Jobs… But there are ways you can help me achieve my goal in this lifetime: 1) Become A Patron to the project and order a Game-Map from above, and then scale down to a comfortable Monthly-Patronage and stay up to date on the latest developments. Or: 2) Own a Piece-Of-The-Game by buying an Original-Artwork in the Gallery.

All proceeds go~to further Game-Development.
Currently I have in the Low-Hundreds of Game-Cards in the Library…

Now imagine if:

There Were Thousands Of Free-Cards To Build A Deck With?

Go~Ahead: Open A Booster-Pack!!

Reload and/or Refresh Screen ‘Opens’ A New-Booster-Pack!!
Ctrl + F5 or Cmd + R or use Refresh-Icon.

*Make sure you read the Rules-Of-Engagement before getting your Data-Base blown to bits!?

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