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This is an odd article that has ‘Nothing’ and ‘Everything’ to do with creating the Star Arena® Mini, Meta, Mega~Verse and is part of the Covid Dairy series. The short version is that I had a severe collision with corona during the early days of the pandemic and to this day I am still incapacitated from carpentry. Thus far it is Woodwork that has financed this Hobby project and it remains to be seen if I am forced into early retirement? Although one thing has become abundantly clear; Be my future any combination of Either, And, Wood Or Game~Smith? Neither will be achieved without regular and daily Physical Therapy sessions! Below is an overview of my Training Equipment.

Before we proceed you need to know; No Way In Hell Will You Catch Me In A Fitness Center!

Plate Carrier
After extensive research
I found this Best Buy
Operator Vest that is
reasonably easily
‘modifiable’ for
Dog Patrol.
DOG GEARDummy-PouchLately I have
reduced the amount
I carry around to Three.
DOG GEARDummiesThese are Sandbags for
Dog Training that double
as Dumbbells for me.
ACME-WhistlesBasically the Gas & Brake
to remote control your
dog out in the field.
Kong-CarrierThe easy access
pocket that holds
A Special Dog Toy!
DOG GEARKONG (Large)That very special Toy
the dog is willing to work
for as a reward.
50 mm.
The key component
to keep leashes attached
to the Main Belt.
25 mm.
Used to attach
the Slip And Slide
to the Main Belt.
DOG GEARPatrol-LeashStandard attachment
to the Slip And Slide.
Dog-GlovesA Seasonal Item;
Which I like to have with
All Year round.

Advanced Training Equipment.

Rather I would pursue a more heavenly path to paradise by simply stepping outside and share my training sessions with the Dog(s) for a few hours a day. In the PT _Physical Therapy / Personal Training_ Notebook I will elaborate in full length on these proceedings in a more illustrative way. For now I can summarize that these exercises are a mixture of Boot Camp (Outdoor Sport) and Dog Training (Gun Dog and Scent Work) aimed to train and entertain both K9 and Handler.

4 KG6 KG9 KG.

This post serves as an Item Index that when combined does duty as Training Equipment. In the Summer of 2022 I added ballast to the exterior of my first vest as an experiment. Later I found out that the Cross Fit industry made Weight Plates for the inside of these Operator Vests. My original vest has been retired after circa 3 years of service and a summer of abuse. This list is the new Configuration and Generation of my Dog Gear. If you add up the numbers, you’ll see; This kit does not come cheap, …but it is a small price to pay if it helps me draw pain free again!


This Is My New Reality; If I Do Not Upkeep My Training Sessions?
The Pain and Discomfort Quickly Returns To Neck And Arms!

To Be Honest; Going out on Dog Patrol is not much of a sacrifice.
It however does make Studio Time shorter and harder to manage in a day.
The true challenge will be balancing Studio & Patrol to the benefit of my health.

SPRING 20226 KG.
SUMMER 202215 KG.
AUTUMN 202221 KG.
WINTER 202327 KG.
SPRING 2023Relapse: 0 KG

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