Below you can find the complete list and short description of Official_StarArena_Miniatures made available for Early-Adopters. These Game-Pieces are compatible with All StarArena_Game-Variants and can be ordered straight from the Battle-Clone-Factory!

Above are the TITANS that rule the MetaVerse, starting at the Shugoshin (Guardian-Gods) with lineage to the Oyagami (Ancient-Ancestors) via the Shitenno (Game-Kings) whom have Acting-Authority and are the Governing-Body over the Digital-Dominion as a Tetrarchy in the coveted Cyber-Citadels of the Aethernet. 

What is the business of the Gods? Is not for us to know!  This Common-Wealth, in a state of perpetual Martial-Law, is governed by a Stratocracy and orders are passed down the Chain-Of-Command and those on the Battle-Grid understand; That the will of the Gods is to wage War and Win!!

For such is the faith of a Game-Piece in the abstract war-game of Arcade-Chess!

The entire Common-Wealth is divided into Octants and are directly presided over by the Shugoshin 守護神. Whom transfer _while dealing with ongoing affairs in the upper regions of the Aethernet_ their individual power to Marshals 元帥 to manage Domestic situations within their domains. Each of these Marshals are head of a Division in the Arcadean-Armed-Forces and their allegiance is directly to the Castle they Battle and hold Banner for. Since their power of authority is absolute, but limited to Own-Color: They carry the title and/or position of Monarch.

Aid to the Marshal in Battle-Command and Operations is the General 将軍. In ancient times this position was named the Gold-General 金将. Their allegiance is twofold and Generals must keep the scales in balance between Castle and Temple while maintaining order and discipline in the ranks. Their double-duties manifest themselves in the ambiguous usage of their title and/or position: Hierarch or Hierarchy _both are accepted in spoken word.

The direct support system to the Generals are the Colonels 大佐. In ancient times these were called the Silver-Generals 銀將 or ‘Silver’ for short. Before the grand-reform of the Stratocracy, they also carried the title of: Taoist-Priest 高道. It is here where their balance of allegiance is revealed and clearly tips towards the Temples. The Colonels lead and maintain the monastic regiments with Duty and Honor to the Code-Root of the Gods! Their title and/or position is: Cleric.

Those who have dedicated their lives and ardent or devout attention to temples in service of maintaining the purity of the Code-Root given by the Game-Gods are the: Guardians 僧侶. In ancient times they were referred to as Spiritual-Monks 僧侶, but over time this got shortened to Monks 侶. Their tasks and duties are mainly to Coach New-Clones and Pass~On the Teachings of the Code-Root they have sworn to Guard to New-Generations. Grand-Masters in War-Craft they make feared and formidable opponents on the Battle-Grid!

To oversimplify matters for a quick transference to mind; This Class is like the Champions-League to many a Battle-Clone _Player_and not easily Achieved and/or Acquired! This Game-Piece carries the title and or position of: Armory 武器庫, classified as Heavy-Artillery 重砲, due the fact that these Battle-Units carry the most Weapons-Systems possible! To Pilot one of these ‘Bombers 爆撃機; The Battle-Clone needs to be a young-master of the monastics teachings. Because, besides a wide array of conventional-ballistics, the Units have the most advanced Mystically-Enhanced-Weaponry on board! Due to their perception of the Code-Root, these Pilots hold the rank of Junior-Officers at minimum.

The only Game-Piece in the Ranks and Files that has no Artificial-Intelligence or Bionic-Brain installed. These turrets are unmanned Weapons-Platforms that can be remotely controlled by the Bombardier or his superiors …if they are not activated by a breach-protocol and lay down a barrage of defensive firepower onto the Battle-Grid! Their range can be from Conventional-Ballistics to Mystically-Enhanced-Munitions. For quick reference we call them Cannons 大砲 but their function and or position is called: Ordnance 砲兵.

The Cavalry 騎兵 is a ‘Catch-All’ for Mounted-Warriors on either ‘Mystical-Machines’ or ‘Heraldic-Animals’ that appear in the MetaVerse! To become a Paladin 騎士 you need to demonstrate talent to connect to the Code-Root at a young-age and be chosen for the Guardian-Program that teaches you to ride your War-Beast! Due to the degree of monastic-teachings necessary to mount Mech or Beast; These Warriors carry the rank of Warrant-Officer at minimum.

Gunners 砲手 are selected from the Cadet-Courses and Bionically-Enhanced to endure the usage of a Battle-Suit if they show aptitude for wearing Armor in Combat. Compared to their Big-Brother: Bomber, these Battle-Units are classified as Light-Artillery 砲兵. Basically these Battle-Clones are Infantry-Soldiers on Steroids with Heavy-Weapons with a greater range and action radius of operation. A Classical Patrol-Unit will have one Gunner with three Soldiers scanning the perimeters of a Battle-Zone. Typically Gunners are Junior NCO’s, but there have been Famous Artillery-Gunners with the rank of Major and even General recorded in history.

Sentinels 衛兵 are specially trained by Battle-Monks. Hand picked by one, or both Colonels from their divisional monastic-regiments, and assigned for duty as the Royal-Guard 王宮衛兵. In ancient times these were called the Sergeants-at-Arms, and in divisions where they uphold archaic traditions, you might hear the title fall more than once. In terms of reference, these Battle-Units classify as Heavy-Infantry 重歩兵. But with the grand reform of the Stratocracy this regiment was given the title and position of Legionary 軍団の! 

This is where most of the boots on the ground stories will take place, among the Foot-Soldiers  兵士 of the Arcadean-Armed-Forces! Some say; The Sacrificial-Children of a Nation? But these Battle-Bred #AtomicBabyClones are top of the gene pool and Cyber-Warfare Soldiers of the Future for Millennia past! Arcadean Infantry 歩兵 Rule and Dominate the Battle-Grid!Wanna-Know-More? Read: StarArena_Infantry-Soldiers

Below are Expansion-Sets that are not portrayed on the Game-Cards available in the Free-Booster-Packs. Instead these Miniatures are for Game-Devolopment and Useable by Game-Masters in creating your own Arcade-Adventures on StarArena-Metaverse_Maps!!

For those who can spare the Coin? Can have skilled Veteran-Fighters do their bidding. Although anybody can become a Mercenary, it is not wise; To become a Solder-Of-Fortune unless you have served many a mission in the outer realms if you want to survive an accepted contract? Because they never send you out to acquire or terminate easy targets! These cards carry the sign of Shinobi 忍

Minions are ‘Underlings’ to the End-Boss in hostile territories and are either Voluntary-Followers or Reluctant-Servants of the many kinds of Warlords that terrorize the Virtual-Wastelands. Minions are ‘marked’ as Enemies 敵 and will always appear on your HUD as unfriendlies and are considered Outlaws that cannot be trusted. Shoot~First and Ask-Questions later is the standing order in facing them, …and they know it!

Nemesis 宿敵 are End-Bosses in the Arcade. Their Back-Stories will vary in many ways and most of them believe themselves in service of just cause and defy the established order of the common-wealth! In doing so; Overt or Covertly causing many Clone-Operators to be Deleted from the Battle-Grid. Always approach with extreme care and have your weapons ‘locked & loaded’ for the Battle of a Life-Cycle!

SIM-Blocks are Blockades set-up by the Game-Master or their locations are defined by a Battle-Script (PDF) that is attached to Future War-Stories. In essence they activate Mini-Missions that need to be Completed before you may pass these Road-Blocks. These Game-Pieces do-not represent Characters, but must be seen a ‘Scenes a/o Situations’ that are activated by picking a Card from the SIM-Stack!

Game-Coins are an essential part of Game-Play and without them you have No-Chance In-Hell to make it to the Next-Level and Onward!? Battle-Clones can be seen as Coin-Operated War-Machines, without coin; You wont be able to ‘Coin-Up!’ and improve the Battle-Moves of your Game-Miniatures… Or; Pay your Way into a Death-Match where the Winner Takes-All the Treasure to invest on New Game-Gear!

All Miniatures are Multi-Purpose and can be Played on All StarArena_Game-Variants.

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