Time flies when you have a ton of other tasks to complete, this New-Style Comic-Block is already old again. The past few years I have been focused on getting all the Physical-Attributes and Accessories into tangible Prototypes and Production-Ready! With All-That Done; “It’s Time To Have Some Fun!”

• Back To The Drawing-Board!!

These stories take place in the StarArena_Wastelands that surround the Cyber-Citadel. These lawless territories are run by various War-Lords. Among them are various factions of BBoys and they don’t take kindly to trespassers with an aim to claim their blocks!

Whenever a Game-Card gets a Sound-Bomb label, it will show up in the playlist of Toons_N_Toons, check it out…

No Clue What To Do With Your Game-Cards? Read; Rules-Of-Engagement.

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