A Music Collaboration with a record label from around the corner: ‘Dutch-Gems!’ Although my music taste is eclectic and can be found in the broadest of beats, it be ‘Hip-Hop’ I grew up on and is ingrained into my musical DNA. Obviously we’d have no music without the recording artists, but the real Rock-Stars to me are the Masters of the Turn-Tables who Mix & Mash it up for a few hours!

Way back in the days it was the Mix/Cassette-Tapes from the NYC 98.7 Kiss-FM and W.B.L.S. late night radio-shows that were most coveted and played on endless replay. Years later the focus shifted to the weekly broadcasts of Solid-Steel! To be honest; I Bore Easily Of Single-Tracks Of The Record or CD Release? And it is a Multitude One-Hour Music-Mixes that dominate my hard-drive. My favorite types of mixes are deep in contrast and juxtaposition, A good example of mixes that scramble and reformat your brain, is the mash-ups from; Radio-Soulwax!

Anyway; “When I’m Drawing, I Always Have Tunes In The Background And Can Inspire The Artwork Into High-Gear!!”

Music always seems to be the sustenance for the creative hours and sparks or triggers some form of inspiration to tattoo ‘Man, Machine or Monster’ into the paper under my hands, ranging from cool and collective to overtly outrageous! The point is; What Goes In, Must Come Out!

And almost every drawing (especially the bigger illustrations) I have ever done, will contain a sample, carried onto paper, from the tunes I was listening at the time? One way or the other! Sometimes very obvious, other times not so much and it is  just a faint recall from the artist himself…

Toons_N_Toons is a collaboration between StarArena & Dutch-Gems, meant as a Hang-Loose and See-Where-It-Takes-Us kind of Co-Op. The Mini-Poster was an absolute Free-Style and I browsed the Play-List on Sound-Cloud (open to public in the near future) for pieces of inspiration and a track from ‘Speed-One’ got me hooked and became the energy of the Artwork. The Music-Artist lucked-out; Because his stage name also made a great Title + Letter-Filler of the background for the Aero-Bike in the drawing. 

But it was the Gunshot-Dis sample that kept me drawing like a Machine! 😉

Stay Tooned.

Whois the #GunShin? #軍神? #战神? #군신?


More about the record-label can be found here: Dutch-Gems.

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