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Salutations, Reader.
These past few months, I have come to understand and feel the deeper meaning of “Health is your true Wealth.” As drawing was not in the cards, so to speak, yours truly embarked on a research and development mission. Before starting a Kickstarter or Gamefound campaign, one needs to know the production costs for the intended game-gear product. After several decades of searching for a factory, I found a one stop shopping company specialized in Plastic & Print. We set out to make an economic version of the StarArena®Gameboard and Pre-Production Copy: Made in China T06.

  • Made In China T06

For those new to the game: StarArena® is A Strategic Multi-Leveled Rotating Tabletop Board Game! Meaning: The Pivot-Point, which is the central point of any rotational system, is the most crucial element of production. Or, in other words: The Game-Axle determines the level of enjoyment experienced during game-play of this tabletop sensation.

In the Limited Editions created and assembled by the artist, the King-Pin (name for game-axle) has been fine-tuned for game-play. The purpose of creating an Economic-Version is to reduce expenses and get ready for large-scale production and global distribution.

The obvious place to cut costs is by using different materials and reducing the thickness of the Game-Levels from 5mm to 2mm. This leads to the need for a new King-Pin design worked on with Team-Dragon (Billy, David, Leo) from Unicool-Games.

Made In China T06

This King-Pin design also contains the Correct-Position system to avoid arguments and fights during game-play about who’s cheating or not. The Pre-Production-Copy was sent to me from the factory in China, and at first glance, it appears to work well. See below…

Made In China T06

Made In China T06 Report:

The T-Series is a set of Technical Models used for quality control and kept as references for production. On occasion, they feature a mechanical upgrade that has the potential to become the new norm and game-play standard. Great expectations were anticipated from the new King-Pin and considered well worth the risk to spend the last Company-Capital on. The most Costly-Component in this endeavor is the Game-Axle and follows the plastic injection molding process. It could be a Game-Changer! So your humble GameSmith simply had to; Roll The Dice!!

Made In China T06

Regretfully; I Roll Snake Eyes!! …And this first draft is not suitable for tabletop entertainment and cannot be produced in its current state or design. For it contains an unforeseen Design-Flaw which only became apparent when testing the prototype once received in real life. A closer look reveals that the spring-loaded King-Pin creates a centrifugal force that ‘Ejects’ the game-pieces from the game-board.

Reminding me of this Kid-Koala track; “If the sandwiches fly off the turntable, it is set at the wrong speed, in which case you and your guests will be eating much faster than usual.”

Made In China T06

In this case; You Instantly Kill All The Gladiators In The Arena With One Turn Nine Out Of Ten Times. Which, I am sad to say, means that I took a risk that did not pay-off: Made-In-China T06 is UNPLAYABLE! If this technical issue cannot be resolved, it becomes “Close But No Cigar”… And StarArena® will never see mass production.

Making it the most expensive piece of cardboard and plastic I have lying about in the war room. If anybody out there knows any altruistic philanthropists with golden-geek standards and a fetish for ultra-rare collectibles?

Please direct this Power-Patron to the Gameboard-Gallery and acquire Model T06 so that I can replenish my production-budget once again. For those willing to trade Coin for Cardboard…


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