Salutations Reader,
After receiving a mail from ZEDZ, …Who’s Zedz? …Well; Zedz Aint Dead, Baby! But we will talk about him later… As I was saying; After I received a mail if I would be interested in doing a Tea-Print? Your humble narrator went browsing way back in the memory banks and back ups. The last T-Shirt print I did was ‘Eighteen’ years ago! And who knows, I might have gotten a little nostalgic and made this nineties looking HIS & HERS design: CHECK OUT THESE GUNS!

About ZEDZ, what can I say; Obviously the guy is a little Looney Toons? How else can one define an individual that cant stop playing around with his collection of Robots With Guns after so many years in the running? As one Puer Eternus to another; I respect the commitment to his artisanship and enjoy the aesthetics of his works one can encounter online or out in the wild. So after receiving an email in which was explained this Patron now owned a 4 color carousel and was thinking about setting up shop, inviting like minded artist to do Limited Editions by his hand. It was not hard to reply; I’m Down!


A Small Piece Of TBHistory:

Pertaining to the nostalgia; Way back in 1985 the Amsterdam Graphic School was a breeding ground for graffiti writers. One of our crew members his first job out of school was as a Textile-Printer. This is how in the early nineties ‘The Baby Hype’ crew and ‘Gods Vicious Babies’ sported the coolest TEA‘s in our global village. Because periodically ‘DANE’ would do some Extreme Limited Edition Baby Shirts over the weekend, which we would flaunt later in the evening, while drinking buckets o’ beer and looking like candy colored hooligans. Good Times! In memory to a fallen brother, I dedicate this shirt to; DANE GVB TBH, CHECK OUT THESE GUNS!

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Since the last shirt I did can now get its own driving license? We have established I don’t care much about the textile industry. The only reason this Collectible T-Shirt is available for Beer Boys and Fly Girls is because of the collaboration with ZEDZ.

If you ask yourself:
Is this a One Time Thing or a new Continuous Cool Ass Collector spot!?

The only possible answer is:
It is all in your hands, people; !!Buy And Be Super Fly!!


Get Your Fresh Tea’s At Robot Parts:
Get ‘One For You!’ And ‘One For Your Girlfriend!’
‘Show Of Your Guns This Summer!!’

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