Black Book Barbecue


Salutations Reader, With the risk of being branded a Heretic; I had myself a Black Book Barbecue this past week. Purging many pages from history between the years 1990 and 2010. Keeping a limited few Black Books deemed worthwhile to store in the treasure chest.

The New Genesis line in 2010 marks the Rebuild of Star Arena and everything from before is old news. Therefore the foregone ‘Three Baby Heroes’ Story Engine is obsolete; So Why Keep?

Also, on closer review I found these notebooks to contain way too much influences from outside the Star Arena universe. Used as Agendas or Work Planners containing minutes of multiple meetings, muddled with names and phone numbers from commercial clients that clash with the true purpose of Black Books; Conserving The Creative Act, Process And IdeasOf My Own Personal Project(s).

Why A Black Book Barbecue?

What I noticed, going through the books was: A graffiti veteran entering young adulthood in 1990 with the ambition to be a Manga Artist. A few years later your humble narrator starts a Graphic Design studio with his best mate. Come the turn of the century, Wood Work becomes a predominant occupant of the pages and eventually; The ‘Love For Drawing’ has ebbed away… With rarely any sketches recorded until the Reboot of 2010!

The arch described above is long, bending and blending from Drafts Man to Wood Smith. If I were to state that: Pages that do not contain pen work done for personal pleasure or pursuit of the ultimate game and toy product… For example: notes, sketches for advertisement agencies, broadcast stations or marketeers… Or: measurements and dimensions for carpentry jobs, rebuilds and renovations or interior designs… Are all considered: INFECTED AREAS!

If you simply DELETE these AREAS! We are left with: Studies for Cool Commissions or Sketches And Notes for my Product and Game development. The final illustrations of the commissions can be found in the Portfolios. So why hold on to the scribbles and sketches? Which ultimately leaves only a low percentage of personal pen work in my own frigging black books. With the early Story Design deemed obsolete and to avoid future confusion; The Books Went On The Barbecue!

The books that survived are those drawn with passion and contribute to the lore of:
‘Gods Vicious Babies’ War Stories!

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