Welcome to Star-Command,

It is on these few square-meters in the Universe, ​a ​set-to-hand customized ​studio-​space ​suited for a cherub-child, built to be a Comic & Card factory, ​nicknamed the War-Room, situated in a quiet village of the Netherlands, that Your~Humble~Narrator with Wife and Son, a couple of High-Caliber Maligators, by nature a ‘Caninetrovert’ if ever there was one, when he need~not drive to the timber-factory or other commercial-carpentry that needs ​be ​done​: ​Gets to work on his t​rue-passion and most befitting form of expression to ​compliment his persona​, derived and descended from a spartan upbringing, further fueled by the desired vocation of an avant-garde adolescent vandal, which steadily honed itself into the (im)mature, unmatched, unrivaled and unparalleled trade & craft of a solitary GameSmith​;

Design​ing​ & Drawing A Kick-Ass Cyber-Battle War-Game That Takes Place In The StarArena_MetaVerse!!

The ongoing Life’s Work of PJay ‘BabyAngel’ Frith, began the moment it was decided by a much younger version of himself to convert his ‘Nom-De-Guerre’ from TAG to TOY! Which opened up a new world of possibilities and lead to the first sketches in black-books of his Trademark_Characters as early as the year 1990 in the previous century, starting as Anti-Heroes in the cute & brute adventures of #TheBabyHype, sub-commercially known as the #AtomicBabyClones, better known to others as #GodsViciousBabies, turned to #WarBabies that run rampant in the #Arcade as Cyber-Soldier-Operatives in the future, while Terra-Firma is in the aftermath of an ecological disaster and plummets into an eminent extinction event, turning Earth into a #PostApocalyptic setting and the last remaining humans seek survival and sanctuary in the #StarArena_MetaVerse in pursuit of peace in this presumed paradise, but find themselves ‘Fuck Out Of Luck!’  in an eternal conflict of Order & Chaos while a ceaseless #CyberWar rages against Evil-Forces!

In short; He Will Make Up Any Excuse To Pick A Fight And ‘Draw’ Blood In Battle!

• In His Own Words:
“I Do What I Do To Battle Boredom And Feed The Creative Drive,
Or …Still The Demon That Dwells Within!”

On Rare-Occasions I do Commissions, and ‘Only’ if they meet this criteria:
“Can the produced Artwork be Republished in the StarArena_MetaVerse as a Game-Card?”

If you want to Help this Artist succeed in his Goals: There is an opportunity for you to participate in Crowd-Funding the StarArena_Game and become a Patron to this Project via Patreon.com/StarArena in various degrees of sponsorship, all received in glory & gratitude.

For those who prefer to keep some distance, while supporting the project:
You Can Safely Buy Original-Artwork In The Gallery.

• The Button-Below is For Big-Daddy-Daredevils,
Willing to Roll-The-Dice and Become Bulk-Benefactors & War-Lords!!

If you want to know who you are dealing with; The company is registered as ‘BabyAngel’ owned by PJay_Frith, trading-under-the-name ‘StarArena’ with Dutch Chamber-of-Commerce number and TAX-ID: NL.0017.28.668.B.85. All ‘works’ on this website are under © Copyright and may not be reproduced without ‘written-consent’ and/or an ‘intellectual-property-license’ granted by the Creator.

If you have any Questions and/or Suggestions? Mail-Me direct: BabyAngel@StarArena.net
…and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience and answer your query as best I can.

But before you do, make sure you understand the Rules_Of_Engagement.

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