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It took some time to figure out how to set-up this section and I decided on shining the spotlight through the keyhole on the covert concept, with the story boldly told, together with an exclusive look into the factory-process of the #AtomicBabyClones. The pictures below might not be charming and commercially desirable or attractive, but instead are chosen for their Raw-Reality:

On Display Are The ‘Master-Clones’ Of Each Toy-Series.

This department within the War-Room is most definitely the Slow-Burner… The first Toy-Models made and to be casted, date back to 1993 ~ 1994… Yet, like everything else pertaining to StarArena_Playthings and/or Products from before 2010, fell subject to reform. What follows is the Official-Publication-Listing of the #ULTRA-TOYS!

After Cloning, Body Modifications and Reconstructive-Surgery of the Early-Toy-Editions, a New-Base-Clone rose from the ashes and became the start of the: Ante-Bellum-Editions!! Spawning two complete-sets (2 x 8) and ‘three’ extra toy-clones that were used for exploratory research & development of the ‘Other-Half’ of the Art-Form: Packaging!

Resulting in the: TOY_ZERO and ANGEL & DEMON, Custom-Toy-Packs.The Soldier & Outlaw_Sets remained on display in the studio, but with the arrival of Series_B, have been replaced and Set 1 & 2 have come available for ‘Special-Orders’.

Shelf Space is limited in the War-Room and therefore I never fabricated any additional Royal-Oak Toy-Packs. I am open to creating Custom-Designs for you to display in your Geek-Cave…

This #War-Baby_MASTER brought forth these #AtomicBabyClones:

TOY_ZERO: Donated to the Dutch-Graffiti-Library.

Set_0/ Series_A: ANGEL & DEMON, Goodies & Baddies Pre-Release.

Set_1/ Series_A: Soldiers, Ultra-Toys: #001 ~ #008/128. (Casted in 2017 and Awaiting Packaging…

Set_2/ Series_A: Outlaws, Ultra-Toys: #009 ~ #016/128. (Casted in 2017 and Awaiting Packaging…

See The Making-Of: Toy-Series_A On ArtStation.com/StarArenaGame

In this series I was more methodical in production and seriously wanted to see how far I could go before the mold would break? The Clones are no longer hand painted and the focus has shifted to light-weight transportable toy-packs in full-color-graphics. Continuing to further explore the Art-Form and press the boundaries of Toy-Packaging-Design.

This #War-Baby_MASTER brought forth these #AtomicBabyClones:

Set_3/ Series_B: Soldiers, Ultra-Toys: #017 ~ #024/128. (Now-Available!!)

Set_4/ Series_B: Outlaws, Ultra-Toys: #025 ~ #032/128. (Next-Up_For-Sale!!)

Set_5/ Series_B: Soldiers, Ultra-Toys: #033 ~ #040/128. (Duo-Pack/Tag-Team_Packaging-In-Production.

Set_6/ Series_B: Outlaws, Ultra-Toys: #041 ~ #048/128. (Casted in 2020 and Awaiting Packaging…

Set_7/ Series_B: Soldiers, Ultra-Toys: #049 ~ #056/128. (Casted in 2020 and Awaiting Packaging…

Set_8/ Series_B: Outlaws, Ultra-Toys: #057 ~ #064/128. (Casted in 2020 and Awaiting Packaging…

As always, practice makes perfect; “I was getting proficient in producing Toy-Clones and able to ‘UP’ production to 9 Clones per set and decided that within each set: The 8 Base-Clones go~to commercial avenues and the 9th Special-Edition goes to Power-Patrons who have made a difference, or supported the Game-Development in a Special~Way, and therefore receive a Core-Baby as Gift!”

Easter-Egg of Set_3/ Series_B: Soldier, Ultra-Toy: #A01. Went to: More-Color!

Easter-Egg of Set_4/ Series_B: Outlaw, Ultra-Toy: #A02. Went to: Code-Master!

Easter-Egg of Set_5/ Series_B: Soldier, Ultra-Toy: #A03. Went to: Vampirella!

Easter-Egg of Set_6/ Series_B: Outlaw, Ultra-Toy: #A04. Went to: King-Rhyme!

Easter-Egg of Set_7/ Series_B: Soldier, Ultra-Toy: #A05. Went to: Vandal Com-X!

Easter-Egg of Set_8/ Series_B: Outlaw, Ultra-Toy: #A06. Went to: Mark-Shape!

See The Making-Of: Toy-Series_B On ArtStation.com/StarArenaGame

In the planning for 2021 is work on the 1:4 Scale-Model MEGA-TOY!
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These #AtomicBabyClones aka #GodsViciousBabies are available as Infantry-Soldier_Minis.

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