How To Explain This To A Six-Year Old?

As a Concept-Artist, this is pretty much the thumb-of-rule to adhere to. And to start off the article I will state that; “Holo-Port Is Like Customs At An Airport!”

An Airplane lands at a designated ‘GATE’ and when the ‘passengers’ exit, are guided to ‘CUSTOMS’ and have their ‘passports’ checked before allowed to enter a ‘DOMINION’ and move freely within those borders.

Holo-Port is like Customs! A Player must first ‘Pass’ their designated Holo-Port (GATE) before they are allowed to move freely within the borders of the StarArena!

Below is the Sketch-Concept of what happens within the StarArena, and things get a little more complicated? To stay with the above analogy;

“The Player stays Home and sends a Game-Clone to The Arcade, which must ‘Pass’ the ‘Gate’ at Holo-Port _i.e. Customs_ to Enter-The-Game! From there ‘The Baby Hero’ is ‘Operated’ remotely by The Player while within the StarArena!”

  • Web-Socket_Concept-Sketches

What Does This Mean To Grown People?

The Clean-Cut & Dry-Version _while addressing more evolved humans_ is: The StarArena is a Computer-Network and To-Enter, A Player must successfully establish a Web-Socket (connection) at the Gate(s of The Arcade by ‘Insert-A-Coin!

Once you are In-Game; “Your Only Purpose Is To Hack & Slash Your Way To The Top, Vanquishing Your Opponents, Taking The Treasure And Becoming The Gunshin!!

Before pressing onward… Let me first check my audience: TRUE or FALSE? “BoardGameGeeks” are Grown Men that play with cardboard maps and figurines, pretending they are the Masters of The Universe, or Any-Other Fantasy-World, with other Grown-Men or Lady-Geeks!?

If So; We Are Good To Go!
If you say; No?? Close this window, I think you are visiting the wrong website!?

When You play any of the StarArena_Game-Variants; You Always Step Into A Cyber-Fiction Setting! The Majority of the Stories are set inside the Common-Wealth of The Arcade and the surrounding Virtual Waste-Lands that flow over into dark and uncharted areas of Cyber-Space!

The StarArena_MetaVerse is a world behind your computer-screen that sounds cool, exciting and like a fun place to explore, but once faced with the evils that spawn out of the dark underbelly of the web; You soon wish you were safely back behind the boring television-screen at home, instead of having your Neuro-Connected Avatar surrounded by Soul-Sucking Virtual-Viruses and Digital-Demons in this Augmented-Reality on Silicone-Steroids!

But, …that is enough ‘Exposition’ for now! Let us ‘LOCK-IN’ the ‘Importance’ of *Holo-Port* and avoid further confusion amongst old and new Players & Game-Masters.

What Exactly Is The *Holo-Port* Issue?

The Holo-Port Issue was a discussion amongst the Test-Teams about: Hard-Rule #4, they questioned if there was a typo in the ROC? In these Early-Editions it says: Step Into The Game From… and proposed it be changed towards: Onto?

There is no discussion: The Holo-Port is a Players Starting-Point on each Map!
Even though there are variants, its function remains the same!

With the MetaVerse_Expansion, the starting-points on the outer-ring are called Holo-Dock‘s. With a few Arcade-Adventure_Maps, the individual starting point of the game is named Holo-Gate. Small nuances, Same Function! Whenever you see; HOLO? This where you Start-Your-Game on Own-Color and Insert-Coin to Enter!

Why Is It An Issue? Well I noticed Test-Teams playing ‘Loosey-Goosey’ with the Game-Rules and for some reason; It feels ‘convenient’ to park your pawn on the desktop instead of the designated *Start-Point* on the game-board? This type of tabletop anarchy always leads to chaos and inevitably instigates a mutation of game-play into other unsanctioned variants. Let me show you the correct way…

It never was an issue until the Mini-Table-Top versions were produced and the surface they were placed on became an extra (illegal) level.

In the land of ‘Make-Believe; That Game-Table you are playing at? Does Not Exist!! You Are Surrounded By Cyber-Space And For Your Game-Clone To Return Safely From The Arena; Don’t Let Your Hero Be Thrown Out Of Bounds!!

To conclude: Even though the Story-Engines differ between the 1997~2005 & 2015~2021 Editions, They Do; Stay-True to the Original-Mechanics and Game-Concept!

Therefore: *HOLO-PORT* is the equivalent of *HOME* or *START* in the basic foundation of ye olde board-games worldwide. And forever will remain so…

All I can think of further is; An in-depth article about the Workings & Variants of *Holo-Ports* within the StarArena_MetaVerse. Maybe later. 😉

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