Insert-Coins; No-Coins? No-Cards!? No-Game!!??


Well? That’s One-Way of looking at it…
Let me re-chew an old sound-bite to set the tone and present who is writing this;

PJay_BabyAngel_Frith, Carpenter By Day, Sleeping Beauty By Night! If Neither Apply, I Write & Draw For StarArena!!

Sounds simple enough? …And if that truly were all that needed to be done; I’d Be A Very Happy Man! As Captain of the Ship, I have a myriad of tasks and expenses are made each month and year; To Keep This Boat Afloat!

No worries, I have committed myself to this project many moons ago and I will be ‘Drawing-Cards’ whenever I can! But the real issue here is; …It is turning into an expensive Hobby and is it not time to Go-Pro?

In other words; If its More-Cards you Want-To-Score!? You will have to help me Lighten-the-Load and become a Benefactor, or know; progress of the project will remain slowww…


It is here where I ask you to consider donating Coin or Credit towards The StarArena and Become A Patron so that I may full fill my task of completing a Kick-Ass Cyber-War-Game!

“The Dream is to Quit-Carpentry and Draw Comics & Cards Daily, while keeping The-Card-Game !!FOREVER~FREE!!”

For this to succeed? The project will need; Supporters, Sponsors, Backers or Patrons, which we collectively call Big~Mamma’s and Big~Daddies, to grace us and donate some Coin to the Cause:

“Getting These War-Babies into the Booster-Packs and onto the Battle-Field, Till Kingdom Come And Forevermore!!”

If you are A Player and ‘Take’ cards from the !!FREE!! Booster-Packs, you should seriously consider; To ‘Give’ something back? To keep this project in production. If all your Friends and Friend’s Friends would sponsor €1 a month; This Would Go A Long Way!


While I Do; What I Do! 
…And continue my Quest to; Create Bad-Ass Comics & Cards for You to Read & Play!

Signed: PJay “GameSmith” Frith, February 4th 2021.

Whois the #GunShin? #軍神? #战神? #군신

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